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June 2013

" Silver-Bullet Solution ... It remains to be seen whether an innovative new synthetic coolant can prevent your 911 or Boxster engine shredding its cylinder liners, and landing you with a repair bill for many thousands of pounds. But Chris Horton, for one, reckons it could be the answer to our prayers....

...The absence of water means that both corrosion and scaling will be a thing of the past, and the corresponding absence of so-called inhibitor drop-out gives the product an almost infinite working life. It is non-toxic – unlike conventional ethylene glycol, which has a catastrophic effect on both humans and animals – and no less crucially for the environment allows not only much greater control of the engine’s running temperature, but also, for the reasons touched on above, a useful raising of that temperature to as much as 110 degrees Celsius.

That in itself increases combustion efficiency, but paradoxically (because of the resulting steeper heat ‘gradient’ between the radiator and the atmosphere) also reduces the time for which the energyconsuming cooling fan will be running.

Last but by no means least, and again we come back to the whole boilingpoint issue, it also allows the cooling system to run

at a very much reduced pressure. Don’t try this at home, as they say, but Evans engineers often demonstrate this by casually unscrewing an EWC-equipped race car’s radiator cap at the end of an event, with a complete absence of the usual geyser of scalding water and steam. That equates to vastly reduced expansion and contraction of flexible hoses as the engine warms and cools, and so they, too, last for far longer – if not indefinitely."

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